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Inanimate objects have come to life!


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Silly Walks is an adventure with touches of platformer gameplay where you control a inanimate object that magically comes alive. Now you'll have to help her free her friends: the fruits. At first you can only play with a friendly little pineapple, but as you play you can also unlock a taco, a muffin, a donut, a piece of pizza, a plate of pancakes, and much more.

Silly Walks has a unique control system that's fun and simple. Tapping your screen moves your character around with one leg and begin to turn on its own axis. That way when you tap your screen repeatedly with just the right cadence, you'll manage to walk in a straight line. But, that's easier said than done.

In each of the Silly Walks levels you'll find there are three completely different objectives. The main objective is to free your friends the fruits from being locked up in cages.
Other things you'll have to take care of include kicking cans, throwing cups, picking up lumps of sugar, and much more.

Silly Walks is a zany adventure that's tons of fun. Its simple, addictive gameplay with eye-popping graphics and the fact that it has a whole bunch of characters to unlock and levels to beat make for a super fun game.
By Erika Okumura
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